Teaching Presentation Skills

This page has various handouts and videos for teaching presentation skills to ESL/EFL students in academic English programs.  The focus is on developing a stage presence, organization skills and delivery techniques that will be useful in content courses and in future employment. In addition, there are several full units that focus on informative speech topics that require using graphs, charts and other visual aids. 




Additional Materials

 Stage Presence

 2 pages

Overcoming Stage Fright


 Stage Presence

 2 pages

10 Steps to Managing Stage Fright


 Stage Presence

1 page 

Characteristics of a Good Speaker



 2 pages

Parts of the Introduction

Introduction  1 page Ideas for Hooks  
 Organizing Ideas  1 Page Transitions  
 Organizing Ideas  1 page Informative Speech Patterns  
   1 page Feedback Form  

   Complete Presentation Units


Advanced Univ/Adult 

 10 Pages A World Health Challenge: Comparing Solutions  

 Videos for the Present Yourself 1 book are available on the Cambridge website:

Link to Videos




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