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Listening Lessons Using Videos

The thematic lessons below have workseets that include a variety videos that can be played in class or viewed on a tablet.










(high school/univ) 

90 minutes 

Eating Habits

6 videos with Worksheet

Food: Eat to Live



30 minutes + 

What do you do for a living?

1 Video with Worksheet 

Dream Jobs 

Upper Intermediate


90 minutes 

Jobs and Job Interviews

7 videos with Worksheet 

Getting a Job

Upper Intermediate


90 minutes

Travel Tips & Vacation Hot Spots

7+ videos with Worksheet 

Upper Intermediate  30 minutes

Festivals: Sinulog - A Cebuano Tradition 

Video with Cloze Exercise

Video / Cloze / Answers



 60 - 90 minutes

 Past vs. Present

4 videos with worksheet

Neighborhood Changes
Halloween Lesson  60 - 90 mimutes   Holiday Fun Videos and Links  Worksheet with Links
 Business English Conversation      Visiting an Office



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