Global Issues in Teaching English

This page has links to lesson material, audio files and videos for introducing a variety of global issues as themes for language learning.



Our Videos and Worksheets

Endangered Animals

Saving Rainforests Solution to Saving Polar Ice Caps

 (Worksheet Link)

Orca Crossword Puzzle Link

Orca Cloze Exercise

Information Gap


Link to Transcript


Getting Rid of Landmines

 The Global Water Crisis 

Link to Transcript 

Landmine Cloze Exercise



Crossword Puzzle




  Plastics in he Ocean   Overfishing 

 Cloze Exercise




More Videos on Global Issues

A Bird's Eye View of Garbage


 How Plastics Pollution Enters Ocean Food

 4 minutes  
 5 minutes VOA ESL Video with Subtitles


Child Speaks at Rio Summit


Fracking Explained: Opportunity or Danger

Severn speaks at Rio Summit in 1992.

8 - 9 min w/CC

 5 min w/CC








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