Beat the Clock

This is a game for two or three teams of students.  The teams race to fill their clock with words from a specific category. One round of the game takes ten minutes or less. First, the teacher draws one clock face on the board for eack team. However, instead of drawing numbers, the teacher makes a short line.  This line is where the students will write their words. The teacher then selects a category such as, food, amimals, furniture, jobs, words with six letters, descriptive adjectives, action verbs or words from a recent list the students have studied. Next, the teacher writes a word in the "12" position of the clock for each team.  Then the game begins.  Team members take turns writing a word in the following positions of the clock (1, 2, 3...11).  The challenge is that each new word must begin with the same last letter as the previous word and be in the selected category.  For example, if the category is food and the teacher writes "apple" in the "12" position, the students could write "egg" or "eggplant". So the clock might look like: 1 = egg; 2 = grapefruit; 3 = turkey; 4 = yam; and so on. The first team to fill the clock wins the game. Note: The more you play the game, the faster it tends to go.


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