ESL/EFL Kids' Lessons

This page has worksheets, games and video links for complete lessons. Keep those kids happy and having fun while they learn a new language! 




Learn English with Kidz Vidz

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Kidz Vidz for Learning English: 

The Amusement Park

Cloze Exercise and Crossword


Kidz Vidz for Learning English:

Back to School



Kidz Vidz for Learning English:

The Camping Trip



A Day at the Zoo


Sports Day


Science Project


Kindergarten Memories

Lesson Plan

Past Tense Worksheet


Cooking Class




 A Pawsitively Fun Day at the

Animal Shelter

Verb Tense Worksheet

Words and Expressions


Food Adjective Quiz


English Grammar Quiz 1



Worksheets, Games and Videos

Level 1 = absolute beginner

Level 2 = some vocabulary, basic questions/answers

Level 3 = able to read, minimal conversation ability

Level 4 = able to write, able to negotiate meaning in conversation

Level 5 = high level of second language competence for age 



Language Focus


Additional Materials

Level 2 & up    20 minutes


Fruits and Vegetables

Funny Face Fruits & Vegetables

Crossword Puzzle 

Funny Face F & V Flash Card Set

 Level 2 & up

 ~15 minutes

Present Continuous 

"What is/are ______ wearing?" 

Clothes Chant  

Level 2 & up

~ 20 minutes


Song and Video

Opposite Song Words

 Opposite Song Video

Level 4 & up

~ 30 minutes

Opposites (Adjectives)


Opposite Song #2 Video

Level 4 & up

~ 30 minutes

Present Tense Q/A

Level 4 & up 1 hour   Various

Endangered Animals 

Audio for "Orcas"


Vocabulary Games and Activities




Level 4 & up  10 minutes+    Beat the Clock 
Level 4 & up 10 minutes+  What's the Word 



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