Writing Lessons

Below are descriptions of ESL/EFL Writing lessons and links to the PDF files for FREE downloads.  There is a section for Basic Writing Skills that have a focus on grammar for less proficient students. There is also a section for Academic Writing Skills with writing exercises and complete units. The complete units focus on learning rhetorical modes and writing styles.

 Basic Writing and Grammar                                  

Skill Level 


 Grammar Focus  


 Low Intermediate

 2 pages



I am taller than...

 Low Intermediate

4 pages


Opposites/Comparatives   Soup is hot, but ice cream is cold.
 Low Intermediate

 1 page

Present Tense/ Present Continuous

27 Fill in the Blanks 

Present vs. Present Continuous
 Intermediate  3 pages

Question Forms/Verb Tenses

8 Questions x 4 Topics 

Writing Questions 
  Intermediate  3 pages

~ed vs. ~ing adjectives

excited vs. exciting

Feel vs. Describe

Great Link for The Most Common Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation Mistakes   














Academic Writing Lessons

Skill Level 


Rhetorical Mode


Paragragh Development

University 1st Year +

12 pages/

Complete Unit

Descriptive Writing University Life

Paragragh Development

University 1st Year +

 9 pages/Complete Unit

Descriptive Writing

Writing a Restaurant Review








Drafting an Essay  1 page All The Writing Process 

5-Paragraph Essay

University 1st Year +

9-pages/Complete Unit


Comparison/Contrast A World Health Challenge: Comparing Solutions


Advanced Writers

5 Tips for Revising Academic Papers

All  Red Flags on the Road to Revision











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