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Global Issues in Teaching English

This page has links to lesson material, audio files and videos for introducing a variety of global issues as themes for language learning.



Listening Lessons and Materials


Extensive Reading Ideas and Intensive Reading Lessons

The #1 Goal of this page is that READING SHOULD BE FUN! This page has various ideas and handouts for extensive reading projects so teachers can encourage students to read more outside of class.  In addition to ideas for extensive reading, there are also a variety of reading lessons.  Many of these lessons have themes and topics that raise students' awareness of global issues to foster a sense of global citizenship. 


Writing Lessons

Below are descriptions of ESL/EFL Writing lessons and links to the PDF files for FREE downloads.  There is a section for Basic Writing Skills that have a focus on grammar for less proficient students. There is also a section for Academic Writing Skills with writing exercises and complete units. The complete units focus on learning rhetorical modes and writing styles.


Teaching Presentation Skills

This page has various handouts and videos for teaching presentation skills to ESL/EFL students in academic English programs.  The focus is on developing a stage presence, organization skills and delivery techniques that will be useful in content courses and in future employment. In addition, there are several full units that focus on informative speech topics that require using graphs, charts and other visual aids. 


ESL/EFL Kids' Lessons

This page has worksheets, games and video links for complete lessons. Keep those kids happy and having fun while they learn a new language! 


English Conversation Lessons

This page has numerous conversation lessons that you can easily download. The table below has descriptions of ESL/EFL conversation lessons for various levels with links to the PDF files for FREE downloads. If you like any of these lessons please leave a comment.



ESL/EFL Flash Card Bank

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