Read the passage and answer the questions in less than 10 minutes:

Baseball is a sport played by two teams. Each team has nine players. In baseball, one team throws a small round ball called a baseball and the other team tries to hit it with a club called a bat. Teams score points by running and touching markers on the ground called bases until they reach the last one, called home plate. Baseball started in the United States in the 1700s and 1800s, but historians are not sure who invented it. Many people in North America, South America, and East Asia play baseball. In the United States, baseball is called the national pastime, because so many people in the United States spend a lot of time playing or watching baseball games.

The baseball field, or diamond, has two main parts, the infield and the outfield. The infield is where the four bases are. The outfield is beyond the bases, from the view of home plate. The lines from home plate to first base and home plate to third base are the foul lines, and the ground outside of these lines is called foul territory. A ball that is hit with a bat and flies between the foul lines is a fair ball, and the batter and runners can try and run around the bases and score. A ball that is outside the foul lines is a foul ball. If the ball hits the ground in the foul area rather than being caught in the air, the batter continues to bat, and any runners must return to the base that they were on before the ball was hit . If the batter has fewer than two strikes, a foul ball counts as a strike. If the batter already has two strikes, and the foul ball is not caught in the air, then the batter continues to hit. If a ball is caught by a fielder in fair or foul ground, the batter is out.

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