Video English Lessons

Watching videos is a great way to see how expressions are used in English conversation. This page has a variety of fun videos that you can watch over and over again. Watch and enjoy. Then practice the conversations. Most videos come with worksheets to help you practice. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel:





ESL Grammar Lesson:

How to Use "Present Perfect Tense" and "Past Perfect Tense"



ESL Grammar Lesson:

"Present Continuous Tense" vs. "Present Perfect Tense"


Endangered Animals

(Worksheet Link)

Orca Crossword Puzzle Link

Orca Cloze Exercise

Information Gap


Business Communication in English

English Quizzes


1st Conditional vs.

2nd Conditional Verb Tense

Using "prefer" and "rather"

(Worksheet Link)

The Travel Agent

"To" and "For" Explained

Using "would" + "rather"

(Worksheet Link)


The Birthday Cake

 "Talking About Movies #1"

(Worksheet Link)


"Let's Take a Trip Around the World"

(Worksheet Link)

 Asking Follow-Up Questions


Preposition Quiz

Grammar Quiz #3


Grammar Quiz #2



Present Perfect vs Past Perfect

Work Sheet and Lesson Plan

Ordering from an English Menu



ESL Grammar Quiz: Prepositions 3 CAN YOU SCORE 10/10?



English Grammar Quiz 4: CAN YOU SCORE 15/15?


TOEIC Quiz 4


ESL Quiz Time: TOEIC Vocabulary Quiz #3


ESL Grammar Quiz 2 Prepositions: CAN YOU SCORE 10/10?

ESL Superlative Quiz 1: Fun Facts and Trivia about Our World

ESL Grammar Quiz: 

Phrasal Verbs 1

   Presentation Videos

 How to Make an Introduction

(Worksheet Link)




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