Video English Lessons

Watching videos is a great way to see how expressions are used in English conversation. This page has a variety of fun videos that you can watch over and over again. Watch and enjoy. Then practice the conversations. Most videos come with worksheets to help you practice. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel:



TOEIC Preparation

Test your skills. Improve your test-taking skills. Here are some sample TOEIC tests and some tips for taking the TOEIC. Set your goals and improve your score!


Reading Quizzes

This page has a variety of readings with questions to test your comprehension skills. Some of the quizzes have time limits and others do not. The quizzes are divided into 3 levels; easy, not-so-easy and challenging. Try a few! and remember...READING SHOULD BE FUN!


Listening Practice for Students

Listen to the audio files.  Answer the questions. Check your answers. Do the dictation and check it yourself. Great ways to improve your English listening skills! 

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