Famous Quotes on Education

"When I was a boy on the  Mississippi River there was a proposition in a township there to discontinue  public schools because they were too expensive. An old farmer spoke up and said  if they stopped building the schools they would not save anything, because every  time a school was closed a jail had to be built." —Mark Twain


ESL Games and Songs

Games Galore -- A list of games and activities for the ESL/EFL classroom from the Internet TESL Journal.

Using Song Lyrics -- This is an ESL Lounge page on how to make ESL activities using song lyrics. This page also has links to lyrics of hundreds of popular songs.  The songs are listed in alphabetical order.


More Useful Websites for Teaching ESL/EFL

NEW!!! “Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Prep Toolkit: Apps, Games, and Study Tips”

The Scaffolding Technique in Education: Benefits & Examples [Is It Really Useful?] 

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab -- Great site for students and teachers!

English Listening Activities for a Variety of Levels (links to Podcasts as well)  A variety of resources for all levels Dave's World Famous ESL Cafe  


Authentic Texts

Ths page has links to English Language news sites and other sites that ELTs can use for designing lessons using authentic language materials.


ESL/EFL Lesson Ideas

7 great links to websites with a variety of content-based lessons for ELTs:

Teachers Helping Teachers  -- This is an excellent site created by teachers for teachers.  It is not specifically for ESL/EFL, but rather for all teachers. There are plenty of lessons that could be used as content-based lessons for ESL teachers.  There is not much for low-level ESL/EFL classes, though.

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