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Kindergarten Memories - Past Tense Lesson Plan

Objective: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to use past tense verbs to describe events and memories from kindergarten.


  • Video of the Oliver and Owen conversation about kindergarten memories

Warm-up (5 minutes):

  1. Begin by asking students if they remember their kindergarten days. Encourage them to share any memories they have.
  2. Show the video of Oliver and Owen reminiscing about their kindergarten memories.
  3. Discuss the video with the class. Ask students what they noticed about the conversation and prompt them to identify past tense verbs used by Oliver and Owen.

Presentation (10 minutes):

  1. Write examples of past tense verbs used in the conversation on the board, such as "remembered," "missed," "used to," "built," "pretended," "read," "escaped," "played," "had," "searched," "forgot," "were," "played," "missed," "cherished," and "lasted."
  2. Explain that past tense verbs are used to talk about actions or events that happened in the past.
  3. Provide examples and practice pronunciation with the class.

Practice (15 minutes):

  1. Divide the class into pairs or small groups.
  2. Distribute handouts with exercises focusing on past tense verbs.
  3. Students complete the exercises, filling in the blanks with the correct past tense form of the verbs provided.
  4. Monitor and provide assistance as needed.

Production (15 minutes):

  1. Have students work in pairs to create a short dialogue similar to the Oliver and Owen conversation. They should use past tense verbs to describe memories from their own kindergarten days.
  2. Encourage creativity and imagination.
  3. Afterward, select a few pairs to perform their dialogues for the class.
  4. Provide feedback and praise for their use of past tense verbs.

Wrap-up (5 minutes):

  1. Review key points about past tense verbs and their usage.
  2. Ask students to reflect on what they learned and how they can use past tense verbs to talk about their own memories.
  3. Encourage students to continue practicing past tense verbs in their everyday English conversations.

Homework (optional): Assign students to write a short paragraph about their favorite memory from kindergarten, using past tense verbs. They can share their paragraphs with the class in the next lesson.

Extension (optional): To extend the lesson, students can create a visual timeline of their kindergarten memories, using pictures and captions with past tense verbs. They can present their timelines to the class and explain each memory in detail.

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