The Very Best Berries

Bob, Paul and Verne have been business partners for the better part of a year, now. November is a very busy season for the three partners because their business is a berry business and many people want to buy berries and berry jam before the winter holidays. The name of their company is “Best Berries”. They have a very big store to sell their berries, but they also have an internet site so customers can buy a variety of very delicious berry jams online. Bob is the boss and he wears a brightly colored vest when he works at the store. Paul does his best as the berry jam taste tester. He tastes all the jams to be sure that Best Berries’ jams are the very best tasting jams. Verne’s job is to buy the best berries from a variety of places. The company is new but it has a very good chance of being the best.

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