The “Schwa” Sound


The barbershop opens at ten to two every Tuesday so Harry can get his hair cut before he goes out to lunch with his girlfriend. Actually, it only takes five or ten minutes to cut Harry’s hair because he doesn’t have much left on his head. After getting a trim he meets his honey at the restaurant. She always orders a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich and Harry usually gets soup with a piece of pie for dessert. Harry thinks the pie tastes especially yummy if the waitress puts a scoop of whip cream on top. He drinks a cup of coffee with dessert and puts three or four spoonfuls of sugar in the cup. Obviously, Harry isn’t on any kind of diet to lose weight. In fact, because of all the desserts and sugar he is kind of chubby. It doesn’t matter to his girlfriend. She just says, “He may be fat and bald, but his heart is warm, not cold as ice, so I love him.”


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